[Tweak League] A cool 3D print for the CH560 from Deep Cool


The Deep Cool CH560 case looks good. But for me, there was a flaw in the airflow. If you’ve been following the latest Tweak League articles, you’ll have seen my rather drastic solution to my CPU temperature problems.

This time, the solution is more universal and applies regardless of the rest of your configuration, as long as it’s in Deep Cool’s CH560 or CH560 Digital case.

The idea is simple: to push the airflow towards the GPU and other components, rather than letting it escape via the side mesh. The side mesh continues to extract, but this time warm air. At the same time, the cables are no longer visible.

For gains, we run OCCT with and without the printed baffle. And we get an average of -6 to -9°C on the Intel core i5-14600KF processor. And -1.5°C on the ASUS RTX 4060 Dual OC.

This is great news, especially as the angle of the slope imposed by the case should result in a much better score on a larger graphics card.

If you’d like to download the free template for printing, it’s available on Printables. And if you don’t have a 3D printer at your disposal, take a look at ETSY.

I also wanted to look at the airflow, but it’s hard to see in the photos. There’s a lot more smoke ejected directly onto the side panel grille without the baffle.