Threadripper 7995WX: 75% faster than Xeon W9-3495X!


The Threadripper Pro 7000 are making more and more headlines. This time, it’s via an apparently leaked slide. In it, AMD presents its future Threadripper 7995WX as the big winner against the Xeon W9-3495X. The difference? 75% for AMD’s processor!

Threadripper 7995WX: up to 75% faster than its rival, ouch!


Intel’s current spearhead in the workstation sector is the W9-3495X. It’s a socket LGA-4677 processor with a total of 56 cores and 112 threads. It’s also clocked at a basic 1.9 GHz, with a boost to 4.8 GHz. Until now, the CPU has been the king of the game, untouchable… Especially since it can be overclocked.

However, this dominance is about to change. AMD will soon be offering its new Threadripper Pro, which will encroach on Intel’s turf. With its Threadripper 7995WX, AMD will be offering a behemoth with 96 Zen 4 cores, 192 threads and 350W TDP. For the moment, the first leaks indicate frequencies of 3.2 GHz on all its cores.

Threadripper 7995WX

So what does this mean in concrete terms? Well, according to the first slides, it’s a butcher’s shop, literally. On a scene rendering, we can see that the Threadripper finishes the job in 657s versus 1125s for the Xeon… Oof. The performance difference then reaches 75% in AMD’s favor… it’s huge! On Geekbench, too, the CPU was particularly efficient, scoring 45% higher.

Now, some might say, yes, but the AMD CPU has over 70% more cores. Yes, that’s true, but first, you’ll have to look at the price, and second, Intel clearly won’t be able to keep up. If the best they can do right now is 56 cores, don’t expect 96 cores in the next generation… We’re expecting Emerald Rapids, the next generation, with a maximum of 64 cores. It’s likely that AMD will retain its lead in this sector, or at least in this application area, for a while yet.