The RTX 4070 non-Ti will be available on April 13!


The RTX 4070, the future graphics card from NVIDIA is again in the news. According to the leaker hongxing2020 on Twitter, the card should be launched in just one month. Indeed, according to him, the green should proceed to the marketing of their card on April 13.

RTX 4070: towards a launch on April 13!

RTX 4070 Lancement

As a reminder, this 4070 is supposed to have a GPU based on AD104 embedding a total of 46 SM. This configuration would give access to a total of 5888 Cuda Core. In addition, in terms of memory, we would have the right to a total of 12 GB of VRAM in GDDR6X through a 192-bit bus … Despite rumors of several memory configurations.

If we believe the leaker the card should land next month. Moreover, if we believe our colleagues, his predictions are rather accurate. That’s why we’re paying close attention, although we’ll have to be careful… The date announced seems to be in line with other rumors suggesting a launch in april as well.

Finally, as for the price, if what is said is true, it is not impossible to see this 4070 billed at around $600 !