Towards RTX 4070 in 10GB, 12GB and 16GB?


Gigabyte’s Thai branch offers an informative page related to a giveaway or game bundle. However, intriguingly, the menus on the page list, among other things, the RTX 4070 non-Ti which has not yet been released. And even more intriguingly, three versions of the card are offered, each with a different amount of memory. So we have 10GB, 12GB and 16GB versions!

RTX 4070 in 10GB, 12GB and 16GB?


Normally, the small 4070 should have a graphics chip AD104-250. The latter would then contain 5888 cuda core. The whole could well reach 2475 MHz, allowing performances of 29 TFLOP in FP32. The memory part will display 12 GB of GDDR6X running at 21 Gbps. This memory, coupled with a 192-bit bus, would allow a bandwidth of 504 GB/s. Faced with the Ti version, we have a card 27.5% less powerful while offering the same memory bandwidth of 504 GB / s. Finally, the TDP will be seriously limited: 200W against 285W.

RTX 4070 10 Go - 12 Go - 16 Go

But there’s a catch to this Gigabyte leak. If all this is true, we could see 10GB and 16GB cards land in addition to the 12GB. However, to offer such capacities in memory, there is no choice, we must cut in the memory bus and perhaps even in the chip … Anyway, depending on the amount of memory, we would have different bandwidths from one version to another… And different performances too.

It remains to be confirmed, but if this proves to be true, this NVIDIA range is going to be a joyful mess once again. Besides, this is not the first time we have different memory configurations for a ref. Remember the GTX 1060 3GB and 6GB and there have been others.