RTX 4070 for April?


VideoCardz has some interesting information to share about the RTX 4070 non-Ti from NVIDIA. Indeed, our colleagues have recently received an update of their NDA concerning the card. Apparently, the launch of the latter is scheduled for April!

RTX 4070, towards a launch in April?


As a reminder, this card will complete the range of NVIDIA on its mid/high end offer. Basically, it would be a castrated version of its counterpart “Ti” and should offer a GPU AD104-250/251. In the latter, we would find a total of 5888 cuda core capable of going up to 2475 MHz in boost. The memory part would be entrusted to 12 GB of memory in GDDR6X offering a bandwidth of 504 GB / s via a bus of 192 bits.

Visibly, three variants would be in the program with :

  • PG141-SKU343: for reference cards in AD-104-250-A1
  • PG141-SKU344 : for Founders Edition in AD-104-250-A1
  • PG141-SKU344 : for reference boards in AD-104-251-A1

RTX 4070 embargo

Of course, it remains to be seen at what price such a model will be offered. However, considering what is currently being done and the rumors concerning the 4060/Ti, it is not impossible to see it land at $599. As for the availability, the card could be released in April, without specifying the period. Note also that this would be the availability in stores and not just a “paper launch”. Moreover, this seems to correspond to the date of entry into mass production, which should take place this month, in February.