The PC market takes off again!


After a few rather disappointing years, it has to be said that the PC market is back in the black. According to Jon Peddie Research, the market is back in the green. Shipments of graphics cards are back on the rise, as are desktop and laptop processors!

PC component shipments back on the rise!

Expedition GPU As we can see, GPU shipments have been on the decline since 2013/2014, when the market was at its peak… Except perhaps in 2020/2021, when the market was boosted by cryptocurrency. Then in 2022, it’s the plunge between the post-COVID recovery, soaring prices, etc., GPU sales have fallen drastically. It has to be said that the prices of new-generation cards are no stranger to this phenomenon either.

However, there is some hope: since the first quarter of 2021, the pivotal period, sales have been picking up again. The market has recovered by just over 15%, with just over 70 million shipments recorded. More globally, by the end of 2026, following current trends, a total of 5 billion GPUs will be shipped, counting both iGPUs and dedicated boards.

Composants PC - part de marché intel nvidia amd

As for market shares now, the first thing we notice is that Intel is far ahead of everyone else with a 64% share. Then there’s NVIDIA, followed by AMD with 17%. However, over the years, AMD’s share has grown considerably. It’s worth noting that the brand is starting to add iGPUs to its Ryzen 7000 desktop and laptop CPUs.

composants pc - répartition cpu mobile-desktop

As for CPUs, in the third quarter of 2023, we can see that the desktop segment is outpacing the mobile segment. Over this period, 31% of CPUs came from the desktop world, compared with 28% in the second quarter. However, compared with the third quarter, it is clearly declining: 38% in 2022.