The MSI Claw A1M goes on sale on March 8!


Steam Deck-style portable consoles are all the rage these days. After Valve’s model, we soon saw competing versions in the form of the ROG Ally and the Lenovo Legion Go. Recently, it was MSI’s Claw A1M that was the talk of the town, particularly at CES, where we were able to see it.

If the console is back in the news, it’s because, via Newegg, we have a launch date as well as prices… although the latter were already the subject of a dedicated article.

Claw A1M: launch on March 8?

Claw A1MAs you can see, the console in question will be offered in three versions with different storage capacities. The least expensive version will feature a Core Ultra 5 135H CPU (4P8E2LP) and a 512GB SSD, all for $699. The second model will benefit from a Core Ultra 7 155H (6P8E2LP) and a 512 GB SSD. As for the most expensive model, it features a Core Ultra 7 and a 1TB SSD, all for $799.

In addition to the CPU, the consoles share the same 120 Hz full HD screen. To animate it, you’ll need to rely on the processor’s iGPU, an Intel Xe graphics part with 1024 shaders or 896 shaders, depending on the CPU. In either case, memory is based on 16 GB of LPDDR5 at 6400 MT/s.

What interests us here, however, is the release date of March 8.