[CES 2024] MSI’s Claw A1M console at the show!


MSI recently unveiled its new Claw A1M games console. This console is similar in format to the ROG Ally or Valve’s Steam Deck, with a central screen and controls on either side. In short, all this to say that we were able to see it at the Las Vegas show!

Claw A1M: MSI’s console on show!

The console is equipped with a Meteor Lake Core Ultra 7 155H processor. The latter features a 16-core configuration (6P10E) and 22 threads, all capable of reaching 4.8 GHz in turbo mode. The TDP is 28W, while power consumption could reach 115W. Fortunately, MSI has designed the cooling system accordingly. It features a copper base, two flat heat pipes and two turbine fans.

As for graphics, you’ll have to make do with the processor’s iGPU, an Intel Arc XeSS. It will be responsible for driving the 7″ full HD touchscreen running at 120 Hz. It also boasts a typical brightness of 500 nits, while sRGB color gamut coverage is 100%. Last but not least, this is an IPC display.

The console has two macro keys on the underside and a 53 Whr battery.

All in all, this device will enable you to play Windows and Android games.

Click here for the console’s product sheet on the MSI website!