ROG Ally 2 due this year?


Clearly, ASUS’s handheld console, the famous ROG Ally, seemed to have worked well… So much so, in fact, that the company is planning a second-generation console (ROG Ally 2?), which could well see the light of day this year! This is according to Arnold Su, Vice President of Consumer and Gaming at ASUS India.

ROG Ally 2: a new console after the success of the first generation!

ROG Ally 2For the moment, it’s hard to say what the console will look like or what its features will be. However, since 2024 coincides with the arrival of the Strix Point, it’s not far-fetched to imagine a console equipped with an APU of this generation from AMD’s catalog. VideoCardz theorizes that the console could benefit from a CPU with four Zen5 cores and eight Zen5C cores. What’s more, the iGPU could make some serious headway, with graphics based on RDNA 3.5 and 16 compute units.

Of course, these are just suppositions, especially as there are plenty of other elements to take into account. We’re thinking of the amount and type of RAM, storage and its interface, and the screen, its resolution and the type of slab used.

Nevertheless, ASUS is working on a second version of its console because the first sold well. The Indian representative reports that over 70k consoles have been sold in India alone.

Clearly, the market is in demand too, since, as we’ve seen, MSI presented its Claw at CES. But things are going even further, as the brand with the dragon is said to be working on the next three generations of the console, even though the first has not yet been launched… But these are just rumors.