The i9 14900KS packaging shows off!


The Core i9 14900KS is back in the news. After appearing in a Canadian store, the CPU… Or rather its packaging now appears online. For this leak, we can thank the twitter account I_Leak_VN!

Core i9 14900KS: packaging revealed!

Core i9 14900KS packagingClearly, what this leak is telling us is that the CPUs are gradually starting to make their way to retailers. According to the Twitter account, these boxes of processors were found in a warehouse.

Otherwise, as far as the packaging is concerned, we can’t find anything original, apart from a square box echoing the design of the 14900K. Clearly, there is only one package for the general public, while listed a second package for OEMs and integrators.

What tells us that this is indeed the 14900KS is the “Special Edition” label on the box.

As a reminder, this model will share a configuration similar to that of the Core i9 14900K in terms of cores and cache memory. However, frequencies will be higher, with a boost of 6.2 GHz. Inevitably, power consumption will also rise, to over 400W. Likewise, you’ll need an adequate cooling system, as power consumption of this magnitude doesn’t just go away!