The Core i9 14900KS at!


The Core i9 14900KS is back in the news, having been spotted by a French retailer. lists Intel’s future furnace on its website. Two pack sizes are offered, and prices are shown.

Core i9 14900KS at!

Core i9 14900KS PC21.frAs a reminder, the Core i9 14900KS will be a more advanced version than the 14900K in the sense that it will offer higher frequencies. Indeed, the boost of this model is announced as reaching 6.2 GHz, whereas the 14900K(F) stops at 6.00 GHz. Otherwise, the chips share the same characteristics: 24 cores (8P16E) and 32 threads. As for caches, there’s no change, with 2 MB of L2 per core or 36 MB of L3. Finally, the main difference will be in power consumption, which should be insane for this KS. An OCCT leak showing 410W under stress!

Now, as far as is concerned, two types of packaging are planned: one in a box, the other in an OEM version where the CPU is sold directly on a wafer. Even so, the difference in price (including VAT) is not enormous: around fifteen euros… As for the prices themselves, they are not set in stone. With the CPU still to be launched, it’s likely that prices will change. For the time being, these are just placeholder prices.

So it’s only logical that should state that the CPU is available to order. Recent rumors suggested a mid-March launch.