Core i9 14900KS listed in Canada… With accompanying tech specs


The Core i9 14900KS is definitely the talk of the town. After being spotted in France, the CPU has now been spotted in Canada, on DirectDial. If this name sounds familiar, it’s no wonder: it was also one of the retailers listing the “new” AM4 CPU s!

Core i9 14900KS: the CPU spotted in Canada!

DirectDial Core i9 14900KS

Well, we’ve known the data sheet for some time now. This processor is equipped with 24 cores (16P/8E) and 32 threads. In terms of cache memory, it will benefit from 32 MB of L2 against 36 MB of L3. Once again, the TDP is up (150W) due to the higher frequencies.

In fact, we’re beginning to feel that we’re reaching the limits of what Intel’s architecture allows. In fact, to maintain its stock frequencies, without power limit, the OCCT software displayed a power consumption of over 400W! At the same time, this processor boasts a base frequency of 3.2 GHz, with a boost to 6.2 GHz!

For the rest, it’s a CPU that will manage DDR5 memory on the blue’s LGA-1700 socket. It will also house an Intel UHD 770 graphics unit. Last but not least, the Tj Max appears to be 100°C.

As you can see, at this stage, the price displayed by the merchant is just a placeholder… But there is a certain similarity with the price in France. At ~$740 USD ($1,005 CAD), pricing is close to the €768 that was on

Click here for the DirectDial product sheet!