Sony announces that it will release even more games on PC


It’s a trend we’ve already insisted on over the last few months. Sony doesn’t seem to sulk about the PC anymore and worse (or better), this change of strategy is greeted by spectacular commercial results. Because in the middle of the PS5 sales and other products, one line has particularly caught the eye of the analysts. This “accounting line” is referred to by Sony as “revenues from peripherals, including PlayStationVR and revenues from sales of proprietary titles on platforms other than PlayStation consoles”.

And when you get into the details, the financial results of this division are spectacular. Official documents confirm that this part of the business exploded from $347.2 million in revenue in the third quarter of fiscal 2021 to $601.7 million for the same period in fiscal 2022. Even better, the comparison of the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021 in which the Japanese made $379.1 million in revenue is buried by the same period of fiscal 2022 where Sony billed for $1,048 million, nearly 3 times the figure made the previous year.

Sony PC games 2022Sony confirms it will amp up “ports” of exclusive PlayStation games to PC

In the transcript of comments related to the presentation of these figures, brand officials clearly announced the color: we aim to continue […] to deploy catalog titles for PC and strengthen the development of live services. Words that confirm that the PC strategy is a success, even if it is difficult to quantify its effects exactly.

Indeed, it’s impossible to evaluate with precision the details of this catch-all category of Sony. Some may argue that the weight of the PSVR2 explains a lot… But Sony’s VR headset was released on February 22 this year, so the impact of its sales can’t explain everything. But by comparison, let’s not forget that the year 2022 saw the release of God of War on PC and on Steam the titles Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, Sackboy: A big Adventure, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Returnal, The Last of Us Part1...These “ports”, some of which have made people cringe, are a real financial windfall for the Japanese group, which can thus broaden the potential profitability of titles that were until now reserved for the Playstation. A real good news in the war that is going to be tough with Microsoft in the next years.