RTX 4080: very bad numbers?


A little over a month after the launch of the GeForce RTX 4090 and more than a week after the launch of the RTX 4080 it is time to take a look at the numbers. While the price of the 4090 may have raised questions, the first feedbacks point to significant sales before the card became harder to find for obscure reasons. Concerning the RTX 4080, which is positioned cheaper, the first feedbacks are not very good and TomsHardware, which was able to compile the sales figures in several countries, is categorical: the sales figures of the RTX 4080 are very bad.

NVIDIA RTX 4080 mauvais chiffres
A card that is only criticized for its price, not its performance

RTX 4080: disastrous sales

Depending on the country surveyed, distributors described the 4080’s sales as “disastrous” or “abysmal”. More generally, it is obviously the price inflation that is regularly put forward on this 40XX generation. A significant increase while many people around the world are affected by inflation and a massive increase in the cost of living.

Even on its home turf, in the US, the RTX 4080 is suffering and to make matters worse, in this territory too it’s hard to find a “custom” 4080 close to the official launch price. For the first time we also see in our community Nvidia “fans” who would be ready to switch to the new AMD solutions when they are really available. The 4080 is mostly considered as 400 to 500€ too expensive… And its price makes us fear the worst about the future positioning of the RTX 4070 and 4060 which are normally the “fat” of the market.

Nvidia’s figures are not good (compared to the previous year). A situation that lets us hope for a serious readjustment of Nvidia’s prices just when the RX 7000 is launched. Because very objectively, without a huge cut from Team Green on the RTX 40 prices, it is hard to see the situation being reversed in the next few weeks.