RTX 4070 Ti: as early as January 5, 2023?


We are talking about the RTX 4070 Ti again. A card that has changed its name as you know and that is waiting for its time somewhere in the drawers of Nvidia. Indeed since our last publication, many other sources confirm that this 4070 Ti will be the short-lived RTX 4080 12GB renamed because of the backlash. The RTX 4070 Ti will probably be based on a full AD104 GPU with 7680 CUDA cores. This model should also have 12GB of GDDR6X memory on a 160-bit memory bus. The card should consume 285W. We learn today that the design of the package as well as the technical description to be respected by the brands is already in circulation. The other information would be that we now have a release date and that it should arrive very quickly since we speak of January 5, 2023. According to information available to Wccftech, NVIDIA has already communicated a tight schedule for the launch of this RTX 4070 Ti:

  • Product presentation – January 3, 2023
  • Test release – January 4, 2023
  • Commercial launch – January 5, 2023

What will be particularly observed on this 4070 Ti is its price. If the card is just the renaming of the 4080 12G, we all hope that its price will be reworked downwards. Initially the RTX 4080 12Gb was supposed to be priced at $899 (probably over 1000€ in Europe). The arrival of AMD should force Nvidia to review its strategy.