RTX 4080 Super Gaming Pro: 8-pin PCIe initially planned?


Clearly, all NVIDIA RTX 40 Super models use the famous 12VHPWR connector… At least, its revised version, the 12V-2×6, is not without its faults. However, while the Maxsun model featured two 8-pin PCIe connectors, this card has recently been withdrawn from the manufacturer’s site. Now we learn that the RTX 4080 Super Gaming Pro has the necessary PCB to accommodate these connectors!

RTX 4080 Super Gaming Pro: two 8-pin PCIe initially planned?

Palit RTX 4080 Super Gaming Pro PCB

This discovery was made by a Japanese colleague. While shooting Palit’s board, he discovered that two 8-pin PCIe connectors were used to power the board. How could this be? Quite simply because the contact points on the board’s printed circuit board can be found there.

However, if the points are present, they’re probably not connected to any tracks or components. So, even if we were to solder connectors to them, nothing would happen. However, as we’re told on our Discord, with a multilayer PCB, such connections are always possible, even out of sight. This could be an interesting experiment to conduct.

On the other hand, we imagine that Palit has decided, somewhat at the last moment (or perhaps not), to comply with NVIDIA’s specifications. Another hypothesis suggests that the brand is exploiting the same PCB as the non-Super 4080 Gaming Pro, which also used a 12VHPWR. So it’s potentially a PCB based on a pre-4080 design…

In short, all this is just guesswork, however, it’s always fun to see the tricks manufacturers resort to!

Here’s the Palit product sheet!