RTX 4070 Super are not selling very well!


This January, NVIDIA has already launched a new card: the RTX 4070 Super. This will be followed by the 4070 Ti Super and the RTX 4080 Super at the end of January. However, feedback on the first model is not good… At least in terms of sales!

RTX 4070 Super: sales so disappointing that even scalpers don’t want it?

RTX 4070 Super Founders Edition

Apparently, Moore’s Law is Dead has heard from a number of resellers. The latter tells us that some dealers have turned down stocks of 200 cards, while others report that sales have been a disaster. At the same time, a member of a scalpers’ collective reports that he has had no difficulty in placing numerous orders. However, he adds that he cancelled most purchases when he saw the low level of sales. Yes, for a scalper, the aim is to buy as many cards as possible, then make a profit on resale by betting on out-of-stock situations… Lost!

Bad timing?

Finally, according to Moore’s Law is Dead, the main reason behind these low sales is… The card itself and the timing. The first thing to consider is the launch period: January, just after the festive season. The problem is that during this period, people have no money to invest because of Christmas presents… Or the computer purchases have already been made!

The other factor to consider is the card itself, its price and memory capacity. In 2024, it’s understandable that buying a €660 graphics card with 12 GB of memory isn’t the stuff of dreams. All the more so since, under certain scenarios, 12 GB can quickly start to show its limit. And even then, we’re talking about €600, provided you find a card that respects NVIDIA’s recommended retail price. More expensive cards are available, such as the Strix version at €900!

RTX 4070 Super Strix

On the other hand, don’t forget that AMD offers the excellent RX 7800 XT with 16 GB VRAM. Admittedly, it doesn’t benefit from DLSS3, nor does it offer ray tracing performance on a par with the Chameleon, but we’re thinking that it’s more future-proof thanks to its memory capacity, which is harder to saturate. Secondly, not so long ago, NVIDIA’s 70 series didn’t fetch such a high price. The RTX 3070 sold for $499, not $599.

However, it would appear that this slaughter is not widespread, as one British reseller has managed to make a profit. It remains to be seen whether the situation will improve over the coming months.