ROG Evangelion: ASUS releases a flawless Z790 Hero EVA-02!


We’ve talked about it at length on this site, but last summer ASUS launched a new series of ROG Evangelion components. So far, so good, until we noticed an error on the motherboard. In fact, it was stamped with an “Evangelion“, which is really not very nice for a motherboard selling for between €800 and €900!

In between, ASUS offered a solution to correct this defect. However, we had to wait until January to get our motherboards corrected!

ROG Evangelion: a corrected motherboard at last!

ASUS ROG Evangelion Z790 Hero EVA-02With this new motherboard revision, as you can see, the fault has disappeared. It was located on the motherboard’s I/O cover, right next to the EVA pilot Asuka.

Apart from this corrected error, the design remains virtually unchanged. The motherboard is still very red, with a few hints of yellow on the SSD and VRM heatsinks, for example.

As for the specifications, the same is true: no change. In fact, we’re still using a Maximus Z790 Hero as a base. The card boasts four DDR5 memory slots, three PCIe x16 (physical), six SATA and five M.2.

Once again, when it comes to price, expect an expensive card, as we mentioned earlier: between €800 and €900.

Here’s the ASUS product sheet!