ROG Evangelion, a fault on the motherboard?


Oh, oh, we can imagine that someone has just lost their job at ASUS. Now the question is whether it’s the designer, the head of the design department, in any case, once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it. Indeed, a mistake has crept into the series reminder on the I/O cover of the Maximus Z790 Hero EVA-02 from the ROG Evangelion series. It reads: “Evangenlion Product”!

ROG Evangelion: small spelling error!

First of all, the error in question is visible on almost every visual of the motherboard in question. Even on the brand’s website, the fault is visible, so it must have gone unnoticed throughout the creation/design process.

Then, if this only concerned .jpegs, no worries, however, on real products, the latter is also present. For proof:

Asus ROG Evangelion In the end, it’s hard to say how this error got there, especially given the product’s range. All the more so as the other Evangelion markings on the card are well written, no mistake. Whether between PCIe or on the M.2 heatsink, all is well.

This is all the more incomprehensible as the EVA-01 was irreproachable in this respect: 0 errors!

In short, if you’ve bought this card and it also has a fault, keep it – in a few years it’ll be worth its weight in gold (or not).