Review : Thermaltake CTE T500



We’ve now come to the end of our test of the Thermaltake CTE T500. So, good case or not? We tell you all about it!

An original chassis!

With this case, Thermaltake offers us an original reference featuring an unusual chassis. In fact, its 90° motherboard tray rarely crosses itself. What’s more, it guarantees the installation of numerous fans. What’s more, it offers plenty of space, making assembly and cabling much easier, especially as it comes with numerous Velcro strips positioned on the back of the motherboard tray.

Beware of weight and bulk:

Unfortunately, this CTE T500 is no slouch, and you’ll need to be solid on your feet to handle it serenely. We’re dealing here with a large case with imposing dimensions, yet boxing in the heavyweight category. You’ll need to find some space on or under your desk, and perhaps some help to move it around, especially as it doesn’t have any real sockets to simplify handling.


But it takes what it takes, since we’re also dealing with a solid all-steel construction… if we omit the glass window and the plastic on the front panel. All this is reflected in the final weight.

Good temperatures, but beware of noise :

Where this case really stands out is in thermal terms. Its wide-open panels allow fans to bring cool air inside. What’s more, three cleverly positioned 140 mm windmills are standard. By default, this model should efficiently cool your graphics card and CPU glass fan.

Now, beware of noise, as this is a rather “open” model. The panel openings, while good for airflow, are less so for insulation. In this respect, it’s rather average, all the more so as the original fans can be heard at full speed. Fortunately, by reducing their operating speed.

A high price :

As for the price, it inevitably stings a little, as the bill comes perilously close to €200. On the other hand, this is also the price of success, since we’re dealing with a full-size case, with good original airflow and an original chassis. What’s more, it’s more efficient in terms of temperature than a Dark Base Pro 901 at a lower price, while offering a good level of assembly quality (all steel). Admittedly, the price tag is starting to get steep, but the case is highly recommendable!

Thermaltake CTE T500:

We liked:
  • The sober design and monolithic appearance!
  • Quality all-steel construction
  • Original chassis with 90° motherboard tray
  • Generous interior space for mounting large configurations
  • Lower dust filter accessible from the side of the case
  • Cabling aids
  • Excellent thermal performance!
  • Consistent, if high, pricing
We didn’t like :
  • Heavy weight (over 15 kg)
  • The noise of the original ventilation, which quickly becomes noticeable
  • Natural insulation sacrificed for airflow (but you can’t have both)

médaille award OMF or goldOnce again, this is a highly recommendable case. While the CTE T500 is an imposing model with perfectible soundproofing and audible ventilation, it also offers excellent airflow. Couple this with ample internal space and an original, well-built chassis, and you’ve got a little nugget. The only snag is the price: almost €200. While this may seem high, in view of the results, the price seems justified.

Many thanks to Thermaltake !