Review: Mountain Everest Max


Mountain is a brand that claims to create innovative, high-end hardware and software for users. They sum it up in their slogan “Reach Your Summit”. Let’s see if these promises are fulfilled in reality with a keyboard from the brand.

For this test, we’re going to focus on Mountain’s keyboard, the Everest Max, which is a 100% keyboard (even more), that is, 104 keys, plus extra macro keys. We will also talk about the BaseCamp software, as it plays a big role in the use.

Technical specifications:

As far as the Everest Max keyboard is concerned, we are dealing with a keyboard designed for several uses, via these 4 keys. They are Display Keys, which are made of TFT LCD screens of 72 by 72 pixels (a total of 5184 pixels).

As for the rest of the keys, we have Cherry MX 3-Pin, which are hot-swappable. As for the structure of the keys, they are made of ABS. The rest of the keyboard is made of aluminum. As for the “Media Dock Display” part, the screen is a TFT IPS screen of 240 by 240 pixels.

The whole is clocked at 1,000 Hz, or 1 ms of response. It makes a total weight of 1373grams for a complete dimension of 265 x 461 x 43 mm.

Recommended system:

To be able to fully use the Everest Max keyboard, as well as the Pads, you will have to install the software named BaseCamp. Attention, it is only possible to install this software under Windows. I could not see with which version of Windows precisely, but I could test on Windows 10 and 11. The connectivity is a USB Type-C in 3.1 Gen 1 from a USB Type-A to Type-C.