Review: Mountain Everest Max



Unpacking – The box

The Everest Max comes in a very plain box, slightly larger than a shoebox. It is mostly matte black with Mountain’s famous “Reach Your Summit” written in satin black. overclocking

Only the two sides are blue and part of the front is their logo. We understand very quickly that it is by here that we must open. We feel a slight restraint when opening, it is the magnets and there we discover the keyboard without the numeric keypad. Hence the size of the box in length. It is wrapped in a plastic bag that “shower” a little on the perception of quality compared to the rest. Once removed, we can see the wrist rest. Further down, in front of the box, we have a drawer with four small boxes inside that contain the bundle.

The bundle

From the right to the left.

In the first box we have everything for customization. First a tool to remove the keys and switches. A black ” Esc ” key, because the key is grey. But also, 5 Cherry switches , one of each type to be able to test and get a good idea. And finally we have 8 magnetic feet, to be able to give the angle that we want to the keyboard.

In the second box, we have the famous Media Dock Display. As for the third box, we have the numeric pad.

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And finally the fourth box, we have not one, but two complementary USB cables. We have, more precisely, a cable from USB Type-A male to Type-C male of 2 meters. The second is a USB Type-C female to Type-C male cable of 15 cm. The latter can be used as an extension to the first, but also can deport the keypad.

Under all these boxes, we have access to the guide and warranty.

Overall appearance / front

When you take it out of the box, you can feel the weight right away. As for the finish, the brushed aluminum part is nice, but you can still see the machining under the keys (especially under the directional cross).

Overall appearance / back

As for the back, we can see a multitude of channels, to pass a USB cable. In addition, there are the famous magnetic feet to put it at the level we want. Finally, there is a label, which gives us the serial number, the name of the model and all the information of recycling.

The BaseCamp software

The software, called BaseCamp, makes it all possible. You can download it at this address.