Review: Mountain Everest Max




Does this Everest Max meet the philosophy of the Mountain brand: innovation, performance, aesthetics and modularity?

A modularity Mountain sauce

As far as modularity is concerned, we have a very modular keyboard, with many possibilities, which makes it very pleasant to configure throughout its life. The aesthetic side is still to be refined.

As for the performance, it’s on the software level that there is still some work to do. Luckily, this can be changed by updates. And finally, a point that encompasses the other three: yes, it is innovative, even if there are some points to change, it is on a very good way.

Given its modularity and sober aesthetics, it can be used anywhere without disrupting your setup. Its design suggests that it is a keyboard that will last and that should help us to write mail and kill zombies.


For the price, we are at 249.99 € on their online store. Mountain is doing the “black november”, so the price of the keyboard is down to 179.99 €, which makes it a great deal of the moment. We can see that we are in the average price for this kind of keyboard.

Mountain Everest Max

We liked

  • The very complete bundle
  • The weight for stability
  • Possibility to use it for left-handed people
  • The great flexibility in the possibility of modulation (for example, the hot-swappable switches)
  • Possibility to choose the angle of the keyboard
  • Additional macro keys with display
  • The RGB that also comes out on the edge
  • Additional USB port
  • The channels to pass the USB cable
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We liked less

  • Some parts of the software really need to be revised.
  • The numpad can be removed a little too easily
  • The price, which does not put it within the reach of all the purses.
  • The aluminium finish which seems to look like an unfinished product in some places.


médaille award OMF or goldIn the end, we have a keyboard that is here to stay and that should follow us as we wish. There are certainly things that need to be revised. But for us this product has very good bases.