Review: Corsair M75 Wireless



We’ve now come to the end of our test of Corsair’s M75 Wireless. So, what did we think?

A new benchmark with many qualities

With this new reference, Corsair offers us an interesting wireless mouse on paper, with long battery life and good finish. It also boasts a large number of RGB LEDs to round things off. However, the LED strips on the underside of the mouse don’t light up all the way, which is a shame. However, RGB is also present on the underside of this model and is reflected on the mouse pad/desk.

Nevertheless, the M75 Wireless also has a thin, discreet sheathed cable for recharging our model of the day. What’s more, we’re dealing with a fully ambidextrous reference, with left and right buttons. So it’s just right for everyone this time.

Corsair M75 Wireless

In use, the mouse is pleasant to use and easy to grasp. It won’t take you long to get the hang of it. However, its glide is slightly slowed down by its large PTFE pads. It would have been ideal to replace them with several smaller pads scattered around the ends of this model. Also, we found that the click-wheel was a little “soft” to use compared to the competition. On a day-to-day basis, it’s quite quiet to use. It’s a far cry from the very audible clicks of the Harpoon RGB Wireless, for example. On the other hand, beware: this M75 Wireless is sold as a lightweight mouse. In my opinion, it’s not that light. Weighing in at 89 g, it’s still relatively “heavy” for a so-called lightweight model. In comparison, the competition does much better, with the Lift 2 Ergo (61 g), Lift 2 Symm (58 g), Model O (67 g), Harpe Ace (54 g) or Clutch GM41 Lightweight wireless (74 g).

Corsair is generous with this bundle. It includes replacement buttons for our M75 Wireless. It’s really nice to find this kind of accessory in the box for once!

How much does the M75 Wireless cost?

Corsair’s M75 Wireless will be available for €129.99. So, admittedly, it’s less expensive than the M75 Air model released last October at €149.99. Nevertheless, it’s still high, in my opinion, for a wireless mouse. Indeed, even if its bundle is complete and interesting, it’s still less than an Asus Harpe Ace, for example. For the time being, you might be better off with a Model O Wireless (100 euros), a Burst Pro Air (80 euros) from Roccat, a Clutch GM41 Lightweight wireless (65-70 euros) or even Razer with its Viper Ultimate (115 euros).

Corsair M75 Wireless:

We liked:
  • Long battery life
  • Well-mastered RGB keys
  • The sophisticated underside of the mouse (with RGB in particular)
  • The gas factory that is the iCUE software
  • The presence of a thin, discreet sheathed cable
  • Fairly silent in use
  • Simple, easy-to-understand handling
  • Interesting bundle
  • At last, an ambidextrous mouse!
  • Attractive design!
Our least favorite :
  • Slow glide due to large PTFE pads
  • Sluggish click-wheel compared to the competition
  • RGB bands that don’t light up all the way through
  • 89g weight for a “lightweight” mouse
  • 130-euro price tag

In the end, we’ve decided to give this new Corsair mouse a silver award. This is a wireless mouse with great autonomy and good performance. However, its glide is somewhat hampered by the large PTFE pads, and the click-wheel is a little soft compared to the competition. Nevertheless, this is an interesting and complete bundle . It’s also worth highlighting the fact that it’s truly ambidextrous. However, the price is far too high in our opinion.

Many thanks to Corsair!