Review: Corsair iCUE H150i LCD


After launching the iCUE Link RGB series, Corsair shortly afterwards offered the same series, but equipped with an LCD screen. Corsair is renewing its series with a screen, and taking the opportunity to send us its iCUE Link H150i LCD, the 360 mm version of the series.

Corsair iCUE Link H150i LCD boîte


The iCUE Link series gets new watercooling kits with the addition of the LCD series. The H170i, H150i and H100i LCD models are available in 420 mm, 360 mm and 240 mm sizes. In terms of color, the AIO is available in black, with a 360 mm version in white.

As this model is very similar to the H170i RGB, we find a large common base. First and foremost, there’s the new iCUE Link connection system. This drastically reduces the number of cables in your installation. What’s more, it greatly simplifies AIO installation!

Once again, the brand highlights its high performance, thanks in particular to its “split-flow” copper base. What’s more, heat transfer between the CPU and the base will be greatly simplified thanks to the pre-applied paste of the in-house XTM70. This promises to be a high-performance product!

In terms of ventilation, the brand opts for its new QX RGB fans, mills equipped with 34 aRGB diodes. These fans feature a clever frame connection system. These fans have no connectors, making them easy to install… especially as they are fitted as standard to the radiator, saving even more time during assembly!

Once again, we have an AIO that can be fully controlled via the brand’s iCUE software suite. Via the latter, we can take advantage of 0 RPM for maximum idle silence. Likewise, this software will enable us to customize the pump’s LCD screen. Via the latter, we can choose what to display: system information or .jpeg/.gif for more customization. Corsair iCUE Link H150i LCD

Unfortunately, when it comes to the price tag, Corsair has clearly let itself go. The iCUE H170i RGB was already expensive, but now it’s gone up a notch. Officially, the invoice is almost €400 – €379.90 to be precise. At this price, it’s clear that you’ll be able to find better-performing solutions, especially when it comes to custom watercooling.