Phanteks launches its NV5 housing, a small NV7, and for €100!


Phanteks has come up with a new case with its NV5, a new reference from the NV series. In a nutshell, this new model is an NV7, but more compact and, above all, less expensive: €99.90!

NV5, a smaller NV7!

Phanteks NV5

Clearly, when it comes to size, there’s no match between this model 5 and the 7. Where the NV7 is a large-tower model, we’re dealing here with a medium-tower reference. The latter is designed to accommodate E-ATX motherboards up to 28 cm. However, it’s the dimensions that make the biggest difference. As a reminder, the NV7 was 253 (W) x 532 (D) x 586 (H) mm, whereas we are now at 239 (W) x 477 (D) x 528 (H) mm.

Internally, the case remains spacious, with ample room for components. The graphics card is 440 mm long. The same applies to the cooling unit, with 180 mm of available height. Finally, the power supply is 230 mm deep.

Eight 120 mm fan slots are available for cooling. It should be noted that a 120 mm fan is available at the bottom for direct cooling of the graphics card. As for watercooling, with a dual 360 mm fan slot at the top and front, you’re in for a treat.

Phanteks NV5

And let’s not forget storage compatibility, with the option of mounting three 3.5″ or four 2.5″ hard disks on the rear of the motherboard tray.

Finally, we’d like to mention the Velcro fasteners for easy cabling. Similarly, the enlarged space around the graphics card allows the 12VHPWR to be passed through without forcing it too much, thus avoiding potential fires.

The price isn’t all that high, officially coming in at €99.90. To this can be added a vertical graphics card holder at €69.90, while an aRGB lighting kit will sell for the same price. At present, the case is not yet available in stores, but it won’t be long now!

Here’s the Phanteks product sheet!