Peerless Assassin 90 SE: a 90 mm dual-tower from Thermalright


New heatsink from Thermalright: the Peerless Assassin 90 SE. This is a compact heatsink in double-tower format. It’s a compact heatsink in double-tower format, and a compact one at that, with a single 92 mm fan

Peerless Assassin 90 SE: a small double-tower heatsink from Thermalright!

Thermalright Peerless Assassin 90 SEWith this model, Thermalright presents a small cooler measuring 94 (W) x 94 (D) x 110 (H) mm. As you can see, it features a double-tower design with two stacks of aluminum fins. The finish looks neat, with a black first fin on each tower. However, the tips of the heat pipes are not hidden, which is a shame.

In spite of everything, there’s a nickel-plated copper base from which four 6 mm copper heat pipes extend. The latter does not appear to be off-center, but this is understandable given the format.

As for ventilation, we’re treated to a single 92 mm fan. This fan, a TL-P9, will operate at up to 2200 rpm, with a maximum airflow of 32.77 CFM and a static pressure of 1.98 mmH2O.

Last but not least, compatibility is limited to mainstream sockets: LGA-115x/1200/1700 and AM4/5.

Prices are not yet known, but they shouldn’t be unreasonably high either.

Click here for the Thermalright product sheet!