Pacific SR Radiator: easy-to-customize radiators from TT!


Thermaltake announces its Pacific SR Radiator watercooling radiators. These radiators are easy to customize, thanks to removable side panels for easy painting!

Pacific SR Radiator: customizable radiators!

Thermaltake Pacific SR Radiator

In terms of technical specifications, these radiators come in three different sizes. Models are available in 280 mm, 360 mm and 420 mm. They also boast a slim profile, 28 mm thick, while the density of aluminum fins reaches 17 FPI(fin per inch). Finally, the base material is copper. However, we don’t know whether this applies to the whole radiator, just the fins, or not.

Thermaltake also emphasizes another aspect: customization. Indeed, these radiators feature side parts that are easy to dismantle. This means they can be easily repainted as you wish. By default, the radiators are available in white and black.

SF Fitting end caps!

In addition to radiators, Thermaltake is offering a whole new range of end caps with its Pacific SF Fitting. Already available in silver black, these are now available in matte black and matte white. These series are divided into three different categories: adapters, expanders and 16 mm compression fittings.

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