NVIDIA releases its GeForce 537.42 driver for Phantom Libery!


A new driver from NVIDIA, which is also tackling the extension to Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. The GeForce 537.42 WHQL provides support for this new part of the game. Then there are a few Octane-related fixes.

GeForce 537.42: the NVIDIA driver for Phantom Liberty!

Cyberpunk 2077 - GeForce 537.42

Let’s start by mentioning the new games supported by this new version of the green driver. The new driver supports Phantom Liberty, of course. However, Warhaven, Witchfire and Party Animals are also supported.

We quickly move on to the patch section, where the greens correct two problems linked to Octane Render:

  • Intersection shaders cause performance slowdowns [4164876].
  • Correction of inconsistent behavior and broken motion keys when using TLAS with nomKeys=2 [4088077].

Finally, we end with the following list of known problems:

  • Still significant performance drops on Halo Infinite with Maxwell GPUs [4052711].
  • The DaVinci Resolve patch designed to correct stability problems with heavy memory loads could do more harm than good in some situations. A new patch will be deployed in a future driver update [4172676].

So if you’re planning to play the new Cyberpunk expansion, the download link is below:

This way to the NVIDIA driver (644.41 MB)