Nvidia driver crash causes drama during Esport competition


It was during the CS2 PGL Major in Copenhagen 2024, during a game between Team VP (Virtus.pro) and G2 (G2 Esports), that the NVIDIA driver of a board decided to crash. The VP team was furious about this situation. Each PC in this tournament is equipped with an RTX 4080. On the second map between Virtus.pro and G2 Esports, in round 23 on Inferno, with a score of 11-11, VP had a chance of winning the round. However, one of the team’s players ended up with a crashed game at the fateful moment.

Nvidia driver crash causes drama in the esport world

If some people are smiling when they read what they think is a simple anecdote, they should know that CS2 tournaments are richly endowed. Well underway at this stage of the tournament, VP had set his sights on a final victory synonymous with a cheque for…$1.25 million. Following the incident, organizer PGL issued a statement on X, confirming that a technical problem had occurred due to a crash in the Nvidia driver, causing the game to crash. The company says it is still investigating the matter, but the damage is of course already done.

AMD can smile…

We know of one company that must be smiling a little, and that’s AMD. Just a few years ago, an AMD-equipped PC caused a certain amount of concern in esports circles. Just a few days ago, AMD announced that it would be equipping upcoming CS2 competitions with Ryzen X3D processors