MSI bios profiles for easy overclocking to 6 GHz!


For the launch of its next Raptor Lake Refresh motherboards, MSI will be offering BIOS profiles for easy overclocking. These promise, on paper, frequencies in excess of 6.00 GHz… We’re talking 6.3 GHz maximum!

Easy overclocking: 6.00 GHz is EZ at MSI!

As we told you, MSI, like Asus and Gigabyte, will be offering new motherboards to accompany the 14th generation of Intel CPUs… A sort of last stand for the platform before giving way to the LGA-1851. But to be convincing, you need new features, so MSI is offering overclocking profiles.

MSI overclocking facile 6,00 GHz

These, accessible via a simple click, feature frequencies above 6.00 GHz. Via a capture shared by leaker chi11eddog on Twitter, six profiles are proposed. Frequencies range from 6.1 GHz to 6.3 GHz, with a second frequency displayed at 5.7 GHz or 5.8 GHz.

Now, if selecting a profile in a BIOS is easy, even for the most inexperienced, it remains to be seen how these profiles are designed. Indeed, to guarantee high frequencies while ensuring a minimum of stability on a maximum number of CPUs, it’s not impossible that the VCore has been particularly increased. This results in high power consumption and heat generation on your processor. Before embarking on this operation, you’ll need to make sure you have a solid cooling system.

Once again, it’s possible to optimize all this by switching manually. In this way, you’ll be able to lower some voltages to gain in power consumption and temperature… But you still have to be willing to get your hands dirty.