Meteor Lake-S canceled, Arrow Lake-S is back!


Via Benchlife we have some information about the future of Intel products and especially the next processors to come. Indeed, according to our Asian colleagues, team blue would have simply cancelled Meteor Lake-S to go directly to Arrow Lake-S!

Arrow Lake-S, the next generation of CPU!

According to Benchlife, Intel would have decided to skip Meteor Lake-S to go directly to Arrow Lake-S. However, according to IT-Home meteor Lake could well be released this year as a mobile CPU. In any case, the processors will continue to use a maximum of 8 P-Core and 16 E-Core as is currently the case in desktop format.

Intel Arrow lake-S socket LGA-1851

In addition, the launch of these processors would be in conjunction with a new socket, the LGA-1851. The latter should be maintained until 2026 indicating that it would also be operated by Lunar Lake. Moreover, this LGA-1851 would offer dimensions equivalent to the LGA-1700 but with more pins. Also, we can imagine a retention mechanism that we imagine similar.

In any case, these new CPUs will be accompanied by motherboards equipped with new chipsets. On the program are expected Z870, B860 and H810 boards for the consumer segment. However, the H870 does not seem to be on the agenda. And for entry-level workstations, we would turn to W880 and Q870.

Finally, this platform would natively support DDR5 clocked at 6400 MT/s with 48 GB modules.

Finally, we expect this new generation of chip for the first half of 2024.