Memory prices continue to rise!


As we told you at the end of October, the price of memory is exploding. However, things haven’t stopped in the meantime, as we’re talking about a 55% increase in the price of 256 GB chips! If prices remain stable for the time being, this may not last!

Rising memory prices to make up for losses!

Stonks - prix mémoire

What we’ve learned from our colleague is that prices for SSD and RAM products could be set to rise sharply. Indeed, the Spanish media reports that significant price hikes are underway. The price of certain chips is set to soar by 55%, notably 256 GB models, while 512 GB models are said to have doubled (from July to November).

If the effect has not yet been felt on the bill, it will be soon. There’s always a delay of a few weeks/months before the effect is felt on the final bill… Time to sell inventory at old prices, bring in new stock, etc.

Finally, the causes of this increase are the same as in October:

  • Samsung is cutting back production to focus on ever finer engravings.
  • Manufacturers raise prices to compensate for losses
  • Stocks are gradually being depleted, and demand for smartphones and tablets is picking up again
  • A history of discounts granted by Micron and Hynix undermines bargaining power transformed into supplier advantage.

All this creates a crisis situation where the price of memory literally explodes. So the conclusion remains the same as with hard disks: if you have purchases to make, make them now, it will surely save you money.