Buy hard drives now, prices are going up!


Bad news for the hard disk drive sector, as producers of key components are closing factories. The problem behind all this is that prices are likely to rise in the near future!

Hard disks: higher prices next year?

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To put it simply, Lisenko Technology Co. Ltd. is about to close one of its production sites in Taiwan. The only problem is that this is one of the few sites producing ” sputtered thin film disks “. This is a key component in the production of hard disks.

Inevitably, with the closure of a major site – we’re talking about a site with 600 employees – the price of HDDs is set to rise. For the time being, it’s hard to say how steep the rise will be, but it’s expected to be significant.

Finally, what is the reason for the closure of this production site? Profitability concerns on Taiwanese soil. What’s more, according to ITHome, it was the only HDD manufacturer on the island of Taiwan.

In short, if you’re planning to buy HDDs, the best thing to do is anticipate the price hike now. We can only advise you to buy your HDDs now, while prices haven’t yet started to rise.