Legend Series: M.2 NVMe 1.3 and 1.4 SSDs from ADATA!


Small tour at ADATA which presents us its Legend Series SSD. This last one is made of three models with the 740, 750 and 840 which will be the fastest by the way. In the program, we have models in PCIe, all in M.2 format!

Legend Series: PCIe 3.0 and 4.0 SSDs!

Adata Legend SeriesWith these series of SSDs, ADATA offers us models in M.2 format with PCIe interface. If the 740 series and 750 series are in PCIe 3.0, the 840 series will be in PCIe 1.4 and will show higher performance.

The three series offered by the brand all have capacities of up to a terabyte. However, the 840 series comes in 512GB and 1TB while the other models offer a 250GB version in addition.

Otherwise, the data sheet mentions the presence of an Innogrit IG5220 controller for the 840 series as well as an SLC cache. For the memory, no idea of the type used, however, it is 3D NAND. However, the announced performances are 5000 MB/s – 4500 MB/s in sequential read/write. The random performance shows 440k IOPS and 400k IOPS in read/write.

The 740 series, on the other hand, has an unknown memory controller but still has 3D NAND with a SLC cache. The performance is down due to a PCIe 3.0 interface. The sequential performance reaches 2500 MB/s – 2000 MB/s in read/write. For random, we have 180k IOPS – 200k IOPS in read/write.

Finally, for the Legend 750, the brand has not yet put online the data sheet, we can only rely on the figures provided by the brand. Thus, the sequential speeds are between the 740 and 840 with 3500 MB/s – 3000 MB/s in read/write. For the random perfs, we have 480k IOPS – 260k IOPS at the maximum.

For now, prices are not yet known, however, we know that the warranty is 5 years.

Go here and here for ADATA’s data sheets!