Is the 12V-2×6 a non-flammable connector?


The 12VHPWR power connector is far from being a success. Indeed, since the launch of the RTX 40, we’ve heard numerous reports of melted connectors. We won’t go through the whole story again, but these reports were significant enough to prompt a review of the connector. The result is the 12V-2×6, which promises to be more secure. In a video, you can see it at work, consuming over 600W without catching fire… even though it’s badly inserted!

12V-2×6: much safer?

12V-2x6As a reminder, this revision of the connector, which is to be part of the ATX 3.1 standard, involved shorter signal pins. These were intended to prevent the configuration from starting up when the connector was not fully inserted. Next, the pins used to route current to the components were enlarged to increase contact. With increased contact points, heating is limited and the risk of fire is minimized. It’s this second point that must play a major role.

In a video published by Hardware Busters, we can see this new revision working on simulated loads. For example, when plugged into an array of equipment consuming 644W at 55A current, the connector held the load without a hitch. Better still, the connector showed no signs of overheating, even when partially inserted. Thermal camera temperatures showed a hotspot below 43°C under these conditions.

To be continued, but little by little the youthful defects of the 12VHPWR seem to be rectifying themselves.