IronWolf Pro: Seagate launches 24TB hard drive!


In the world of hard disks, Seagate is particularly active at the moment. After announcing the new Mozaic 3 platform, which can exceed 30TB, the brand is now announcing its 24TB IronWolf Pro!

IronWolf Pro 24Tb: big hard drives for Seagate!

Seagate IronWofl Pro 24 ToThis range of hard disks takes capacity to a new level, with a 3.5″ hard disk now reaching 24TB. As ever, this range is designed for enterprise and NAS storage. They are designed for uninterrupted 24/7 operation.

In terms of performance, the company has announced a 512 MB cache and speeds of up to 285 MB/s. Of course, these are disks operating at 7200 rpm.

Otherwise, this hard disk is based on CMR technology, and is sealed with helium to reduce friction and the heat emitted during operation. As for consumption, important data for businesses, even more so today given electricity costs, Seagate announces an average consumption of 7.8W.

Finally, we’d like to end with the price, which is the equivalent of a mid-range graphics card: $649!

Here’s the Seagate datasheet!