Intel Z790 motherboards support DDR5-6800


Here are some new leaks on the Z790 motherboards that will make the most of Intel’s upcoming Raptor Lake. The elements come from MSI reference datasheets and allow us to get an idea of the frequencies supported for the memory. At first reading, we are positively surprised to see a management of DDR5 at 6800 MT/s… But there is a subtlety obviously. This maximum speed can only be achieved by installing a single DDR5-6800 strip on the card. When running with two memory modules, this maximum speed will be at best 6400 MT/s. Using a single strip is often the preserve of overclockers and those looking to hit scores. According to the specifications released by Biostar for its X670E Valkyrie, the high-end AMD chipset supports overclocked memory up to DDR5-6000. However, it is still unclear what EXPO technology is for DDR5 memory overclocking profiles for Ryzen 7000.


DDR5-6800 yes but…

On the Intel side, the Z790 will have a nice increase in bandwidth compared to the current Z690. This increase will be seen not only with DDR5 but also with DDR4. The documents confirm that these motherboards will support JEDEC DDR5-5600 specifications by default (for Alder Lake it was 4800 MT/s). Regarding DDR4, the new boards will support speeds of up to 5333 MT/s in “single-slot” configurations. The fastest MSI Z690 DDR4 card supports up to 5200 MT/s of memory. Now it remains to be seen how this frequency increase will manifest itself in the performance and overclocking capabilities of the upcoming Intel.

DDR5-6800 Source : Videocardz