Intel Arc A380: a minefield for Intel?


While we note an increasing diffusion of Intel graphics cards in some foreign media or even some influencers, we are still waiting for the moment to make a real opinion on the third entrant on the graphics card market. However, the first feedbacks that we can compile here and there on the first Arc A380 already distributed in China, leave perplexed. Some media have decided to buy together cards based on the A380 from the Gunnir brand in China. They also imposed an embargo on themselves to be able to broadcast their analyses simultaneously. We must point out that we had this opportunity but we decided to let Intel launch this board “properly” at home to get an idea not only of the product but also of the means that the brand implements around its new GPUs.

Intel Arc A380 made in Gunnir: the counter advertising?

Intel Arc A380
Gunnir’s little A380 didn’t exactly leave ComputerBase with fond memories

ARC cards launch: a spanking to start with.

On this second point we will not comment for the moment in order not to give in to the atmosphere of permanent comment: let’s wait and see. But it was to be expected that this strategy would “tense up” some testers who did not understand this crime of lèse majesté. The problem is that the quasi-Soviet “supervision” of the last launches by Nvidia or the artistic chaos of AMD’s launches let us hope that Intel would take the opposite side of these two by marking its difference from the start… The first feedbacks on this Gunnir card could obviously not be done under the seal of benevolence. Here are some of them: Playing with Intel’s Arc A380, even with the latest driver, is like living in a minefield – ComputerBase Igor’sLAB considers that this ARC A380 is simply not usable and that Gunnir’s model is just catastrophic in terms of design / manufacturing quality (quality of the PCB, thermal pads too thick, disastrous assembly with the use of too much thermal paste…) Finally, others who focus on gaming, do not see this A380 as a solid option compared to Nvidia and AMD desktop cards. So should we throw the baby out with the bathwater? At we decided to wait and give the product a chance 🙂 Indeed, we won’t find any “Gunnir” here, we hope that Intel’s partner brands will produce cleaner cards and that in the next few days the drivers will give this little card an extra appeal… Especially if its price is really studied. We are waiting for Intel to explain where it places this A380 (and the others).