Hogwarts Legacy, worse than Chrome for RAM/VRAM


Available in early access since February 7th, but officially launched today, many people can enjoy Hogwarts Legacy. However, we will focus on the in-game performance because the game is going to be particularly greedy!

Hogwarts Legacy: watch your VRAM!

Hogwarts Legacy conso VRAM

Let’s quickly get to the heart of the matter, since this new game is particularly greedy, especially in terms of RAM and VRAM. According to TechpowerUp’s performance analysis, set to ultra, the game manages to saturate 8GB of memory at 1600×900. And as the resolution increases, the situation deteriorates. We then go to 10 GB of saturated in 1440p and then 12 GB in UHD. With RayTracing, it is even worse: 13.5 GB in 1600×900, 14 GB in 1440p and finally 14.5 GB in UHD!

However, the situation does not improve much by lowering the graphics quality. According to Jeuxvideo.com it will be necessary to count 7,7 Go of VRAM in average in FHD.

FPS update:

As for the framerate, without RayTracing, to reach 60 FPS in ultra in 1080p, you will have to turn at least to Arc A770 or RX 6600 XT. The RTX 3060 from NVIDIA gets 52.7 FPS. In 1440p, you will need at least an RTX 2080 Ti to play the game in ultra against an RX 7900 XTX in UHD.

With RayTracing, it’s a disaster, literally. Do not expect to reach more than 30 FPS with a 7900 XTX in 1920×1080 for example. And to reach 60 FPS, you’ll have to bet on an RTX 3090 Ti. On the other hand, special mention for the Arc A770 and its 45.8 FPS in these conditions. In 1440P, 60 FPS is only reached by the 4090 while the A770 gets by at just over 33 FPS. Finally, forget about RayTracing in UHD.

RAM consumption?

As for memory, the various gameplay and performance reports found on YouTube seem to indicate a high memory consumption. In general terms, the videos we have seen show an average memory consumption of 15 GB and 20 GB of memory consumed.

In short:

In broad strokes, if you want to play Hogwats Legacy in good conditions, plan on a hefty amount of RAM and VRAM on your graphics card. To be comfortable, 32GB of RAM seems to be a minimum, all coupled with an Arc A770 for 1080p and an RTX 2080 Ti in 1440p for Ultra play. Below that, you’ll have to sacrifice the graphic quality of the game… Or activate solutions like DLSS or FSR to gain some FPS.

Finally, the RayTracing is particularly greedy, so much so that you won’t need it unless you have a very big card. And if you really want to take advantage of it, for a “small” budget, the Arc A770 and its 16 GB of VRAM are the best choice. Under these conditions (RayTracing), just forget about AMD.