Hela 2050R: a very big power supply from Silverstone


Silverstone has come up with a new high-end power supply. This latest addition to the Hela series, the Heal 2050R, offers very high power and a wide range of connectors!

Hela 2050R: a big block of big power!

Silverstone Hela 2050RWith this model, Silverstone has managed to pack 2050W of power into an 18 cm deep casing! It’s also important to note that the connectivity is entirely modular. On the other, we have 80 Platinum certification. This means excellent efficiency: 95% at 50% load.

Internally, quality components are used, including capacitors of Japanese origin. Naturally, all the necessary electrical protections are present, while ventilation is provided by a 135 mm semi-passive fan. It will only be activated when the block needs to deliver 800W of power! Finally, it’s worth noting that this block has a single 12V rail, rated at a massive 170A!

Connectivity is therefore plentiful, featuring a 24-pin ATX followed by two 8-pin EPS12V for the CPU. The graphics section features fourteen (!!!) PCIe 6 2-pin connectors, followed by three 12VHPWRs. With these, you’ll be ready to power a hypothetical RTX 4090 Ti. As for peripherals, you can count on the presence of twelve SATA, three molex and one floppy!

For the moment, no price or launch date is known. Still, with this kind of power, dual-configuration functionality could have been interesting!

Here’s the Silverstone product sheet!