Galax announces its HOF OC Lab Phantom S RAM in DDR5-8000!


A new memory kit from Galax, once again offering RAM under its HOF brand. Indeed, the brand unveils its HOF OC LAB Phantom S, or at least that’s the name we get after translation. The program includes memory clocked at 8000 MT/s!

HOF OC LAB Phantom S: DDR5 RAM clocked at 8000 MT/s!

Galax OF OC Lab Phantom S

On the program, the brand unveils memory capable of reaching 8000 MT/s. However, two other frequencies are planned, with sets reaching 7200 MT/s and 7600 MT/s. Timings are in CL38 for the 8000 MT/s kit, while 7200 MT/s and 7600 MT/s run in CL34 and CL36 respectively. Finally, still in this order, the voltages are 1.5V, 1.4V and 1.5V. All that remains is to mention the capacity, which is 2×16 GB!

Naturally, the memory is adorned with a white aluminum heatsink. The top features an RGB diffuser to add a splash of color to your memory modules. However, you’ll have to make do with a black PCB, as with other kits from the brand.

All that remains now is to find out the retail price.