FSR3 mods to double your FPS on Starfield and Witcher 3


One of the great advantages of FSR3 is that it’s an open source technology. The code is accessible to everyone, so it’s easy to adapt. And that’s where it gets interesting, as it can be used as a mod for games that don’t support it. What’s more, thanks to its ability to generate frames, coupled with NVIDIA’s DLSS, you can double performance in The Witcher III next gen or Starfield, for example!

Double your FPS on Starfield and The Witcher 3 with the FSR3 mod!

The Witcher 3 FSR3

In the case of The Witcher III next gen, tests were carried out with an RTX 3080. Obviously, the card is not compatible with NVIDIA’s frame generation , hence the interest of the FSR 3 mod.

In native 1440p with TAA, the title runs at around 40 FPS. When DLSS 3.5 is activated, around 15 FPS are added. Where it gets interesting, however, is when AMD’s technology is activated, as it allows the average to rise to 92 FPS. Yes, performance has simply doubled!

As for Starfield, we find ourselves in a similar situation. With a configuration based on RTX 3070 and Ryzen 5 7600, the native game barely runs at 60 fps in 1080p. Of course, DLSS 2 will deliver 10 to 15 FPS more… However, with FSR3 active, 120 to 130 FPS are achieved. This combination makes it possible to have a game running at 100 fps in 1440p.

As for download links, you can find them here for Starfield and here for The Witcher 3!