Fewer A800s, but more H800s for China at NVIDIA


Artificial intelligence is currently a juicy business. It’s generating a lot of buzz, and we’re hearing about it all the time. However, to run these AIs, you need high-performance hardware, and that’s what NVIDIA is offering with its A800 and H800 GPUs. These are gas pedals designed for export to China, which is, as a reminder, under sanctions from the Americans.

Today we learn that the Greens would prefer production of the H800 to the A800, a more expensive and profitable card for the company!

NVIDIA is making a killing in China with its H800!

NVIDIA H800In a market where demand outstrips supply, prices are skyrocketing… Especially since Chinese companies can only buy two specializedAI boards. This brings us back to the two models mentioned above, with their prices on the rise. The A800 saw its price rise from 90,000 yuan (€11,165) to 130,000 yuan (€16,127) in just one week. But that’s only the cheapest card, as the most expensive version, the H800, is currently selling for over 200,000 yuan (€24,811).

In reality, NVIDIA is simply rolling the dice by reducing its A800 production capacity, making this board so expensive that companies are turning to the other, much more powerful, but also much more expensive, board. This would seem to be the chameleon’s aim: to encourage customers to opt for this solution, which has not been as successful as it should have been.

As a reminder, these boards are in fact neutered versions of the A100 and H100. However, to export their products to China, the Greens had no choice but to adapt them. The result is a board with reduced NVLink bandwidth.