EKWB announces a Pro Line CPU block in LGA-1700!


A new waterblock from EKWB, a small Slovenian company not very well known in the world of custom watercooling *sarcasm*. The brand has unveiled a Pro Line block for LGA-1700 socket processors!

Pro Line: an LGA-1700 CPU waterblock for EKWB!

EKWB Pro LineThis model clearly comes from the brand’s professional series. As you can see, the aesthetics are a perfect match for GPU waterblocks designed for pro boards. We’re thinking in particular of the one designed for the RTX 6000 Ada, for example.

In all cases, the upper part is made of stainless steel. The base is, of course, in nickel-plated copper, while the threads are in POM.

The mounting system is directly integrated into the block base. As you can see, the spring-loaded screws are directly pre-assembled. As a result, this model will only be compatible with socket LGA-1700 and those sharing its dimensions. We think that the future LGA-1851 should also be compatible, but this remains to be verified.

Otherwise, on the top, two G1/4″ threads are present, one for input, the other for output.

All that remains is that the price is considerably high: around €170!

Here’s the EKWB product sheet!