EK-Nucleus: an aluminum cover from EKWB!


If you have a watercooling kit from the EK-Nucleus series, you’ll be delighted to learn that the brand offers an alternative pump cover. The latter is made of aluminum and is much classier than the original… A matter of taste, of course.

EK-Nucleus: a much classier aluminum pump cover!

By default, EKWB’s AIO series came with a translucent pump cover from which the pump’s aRGB lighting was diffused… Or, as on the Dark series, with no lighting at all. However, the construction is based on plastic which, even if it’s well finished, things could be better.

For this reason, the brand offers us an alternative cover. This takes the same shape and design as the original. However, the basic material has changed, and we end up with an aluminum construction. This aluminum is also anodized and brushed for a better finish.

What’s more, we’ll be able to orientate it as we wish, so that the EK disc is always facing the right way… Plus a translucent inner hoop to reveal the luminous lighting… If there is one.

And now for the price: €15.02 on the brand’s website.

Here’s the EKWB product sheet!