DIY: He creates his own RTX 3060 Mini-ITX with a 3D printer


Graphics card inflation isn’t just about price…size is becoming a real issue, and compact configs are becoming hard to achieve. But that hasn’t deterred a Reddit user named Alpha Salsa, who simply decided to create his own RTX 3060 Mini-ITX to suit his needs. He chose to start with an existing mini ITX card, the Gainward RTX 3060 Pegasus, but give it the aesthetics of a Founders Edition “Mini ITX”. The magic solution to create all this? 3D printing.

RTX 3060 Mini-ITX 3D printed

RTX 3060 Mini-ITX
rTX 3060 Mini-ITX 3D printing model

A good idea that runs up against the limitations of 3D printing

On paper, everything was there for this project to succeed. The model shows that we’re really looking at a Mini ITX scale clone of a Founders Edition. Unfortunately, the designer chose PLA filament, and the use of this material presupposes that the temperature stresses on the printed structure do not exceed 60°C… However, a 92 mm fan from Noctua had been installed to improve the results, although the rest of the cooling system was taken from the Gainward Pegasus model. But our DIY friend is not defeated and intends to try the same design again with more heat-resistant 3D printing materials such as ABS or PETG. Reddit exchanges also indicate that he intends to add a backplate to the final version.

RTX 3060 Mini-ITX RTX 3060 Mini-itx i

RTX 3060 Mini-ITX 3D printed