DEEPCOOL offers new AIO watercooling systems.


DEEPCOOL offers new AIOs in the Ice Storm series. Available in 240 mm and 360 mm models, they are priced at around $101 and $129 respectively. These heaters feature a 2.8″ LCD display with 16.7 million colors and 640×480 pixel resolution. The screen features a built-in gyroscope that detects the installation orientation of the radiator and adjusts the display accordingly.

deepcool ice stromThe display supports several modes:

  • Scenario mode displays various system data in primary and secondary sections
  • Custom dynamic mode rotates custom images and GIF animations
  • Logger mode tracks and graphically plots processor frequency and temperature.

deepcool ice strom

Software and technical details

The brand has also developed new intelligent control software for these radiators. They enable ARGB synchronization with ambient lighting and RGB modes that reflect temperature changes. The heart of Ice Storm radiators is DEEPCOOL’s fifth-generation water pump.

deepcool ice strom

It features the following components:
  • 6-slot three-phase motor
  • Innovative micro-water-channel design for improved cooling efficiency

The pump operates at 3,400 rpm with a noise level of 21 dBA, and can handle thermal power up to 300 W.

The fans

These models come with an FT12SE fan made from PBT material. They use FDB bearings to optimize airflow and pressure capabilities. The fan provides a maximum airflow of 72.45 CFM and a pressure of 4.32 mmAq.

Further details

The radiators also feature a large copper base and a high-density heat exchanger. It is low-resistance, enhanced by Anti-Leak technology for dynamic relief of equilibrium pressure. DEEPCOOL supports these features with a five-year warranty.

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