D7-P5810: Enterprise SSD with 3D SLC chips!


A little news on the enterprise SSD front, with Solidigm unveiling a new reference. Baptised D7-P5810, it’s a rather special reference, since it’s equipped with an SLC memory chip!

D7-P5810: an enterprise SSD with SLC memory!

Solidigm D7-P5810 SSD entreprise

With this new model, the brand offers a 2.5″ SSD with capacities of 800 GB and 1.6 TB. As we said, this is a professional model also equipped with a U.2 interface and 144-layer 3D SLC memory chips.

As a reminder, SLC is a type of memory with just one bit per cell. The big advantage behind this is the high endurance of this memory. Here, Solidigm advertises 73 PBW or 50 complete disk rewrites per day over 5 years! This is a type of memory no longer found in mainstream SSDs.

In terms of performance, Solidigm claims sequential read speeds of 6.4 GB/s, compared with 4 GB/s for writes. Random performance is rated at 865k IOPS for random reads versus 495k IOPs for writes.

Now, the big question concerns sales prices, which are not yet known, which is a pity. Of course, given the type of SSD we’re dealing with, we can expect a hefty bill!

Here’s the Solidigm product sheet!