Boom, 90 security vulnerabilities fixed at Intel!


Security flaws have always existed, and always will. However, once they’ve been identified, they need to be corrected, and that’s what Intel is doing by releasing new patches to fix them. This time, we have a nice batch of 90 vulnerabilities!

Intel fixes 90 security flaws :

Failles de sécurité Intel

Without going into too much detail, the company releases new updates to correct/mitigate security flaws discovered around its products. One of these, rated 10 on the CVSS system, was particularly violent, allowing privileges to be escalated via a remote attack. It targeted the Neural Compressor, a tool used in the artificial intelligence sector to optimize AI models in order to reduce their size and improve their performance.

Another notable vulnerability concerned server hardware, more specifically the UEFI firmware, as well as the software of Arc and Iris products. Once again, privilege escalation and denial-of-service attacks were possible. Other vulnerabilities of moderate severity have also been corrected, some of them related to the company’s latest Meteor Lake processors. Finally, the brand’s own software, such as XTU, has also been affected. If you use it, be sure to update it.

Once again, system security is the main reason for updating.